I make two types of craft from antler burrs: bolo ties and figurines. Bolo ties add character to clothing. Bolo ties have to sustain outdoor wearing. Figurines can be more delicate and decorative.

IMG Sygnalista
IMG 4433
IMG 4768
IMG 4593
IMG Christ
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Beaver Sculpture
Capercaillie Antler Sculpture
Deer Hind Antler Sculpture
Eagle Antler Sculpture
Elch Skulptur Geweich
Elch Skulptur Geweich 2
Hirsch Haupt Skulptur Geweich 1
Hirsch Skulptur Geweich 1
Moose Antler Sculpture
Moose Antler Sculpture 1
Mufflon Skulptur Geweich
Pointer Antler Sculpture
Poroze Jelenia
Reh Skulptur Geweich
Reh Skulptur Geweich 1
Reh Skulptur Geweich 2
Wild Boar Antler Sculpture